GFM's Behind The Film Podcast - Jerome Benton


We're excited to announce our inaugural podcast for our new companion podcast series for our Prince and Prince-related Inside The Album podcasts: Behind The Film and Behind The Album podcasts, to differentiate when we talk with members of the purple kingdom who worked directly with Prince. We are extremely honored to have The Jerome Benton join Polished Solid, live in the real studio, as our first guest to discuss Prince's directorial debut, Under The Cherry Moon, but with all of our Prince and Prince-related podcasts, the conversation with Jerome migrates to other Prince-related topics too. We hope this is the first of many, but please be patient as it takes time to coordinate schedules. A very, very special thanks goes out to Jill Monroe for helping us turn this longstanding dream into a reality.

Inside The Album Jill Jones

GFM's Inside The Album Podcast - Jill Jones

Inside The Album Jill Jones

Real Prince fans know that Jill Jones has always been Prince's secret weapon, and in light of the 30th anniversary of Jill Jones, Jill's eponymous debut, on May 27th, the egregious error of not including proper credits for Jill's myriad contributions on Purple Rain Deluxe, and Jill's upcoming birthday on July 11th, we at GFM thought it was about time to talk about what nobody seems to ever talk about: the masterpiece that the debut album, Jill Jones, is and more importantly discuss one of the most prolific contributors to Prince's music, Jill Jones. People need to begin to recognize... Jill Jones was the glue that held a many Prince compositions together ;)

If you want even more Jill Jones, please read the article by our guest on this episode of Inside The Album podcast, Rhonda Nicole who interviewed Jill in February of 2016.…jill-jones-she-is/

Jesse Johnson Shockadelica

Inside The Album Podcast: Jesse Johnson - "Shockadelica"


Check out the latest offering from the GFM Podcast Network! This episode of Inside The Album is all about Jesse Johnson's Shockadelica enjoy!

Denise Matthews

In Memoriam: Denise Matthews (1959 - 2016)


At at time before the proliferation of technology in every hand and a media outlet for every quirk there was simply the big three of TV, Radio and Print. As a very young teen I was introduced to the Prince protege known as Vanity at that time through a steady mix of all three mediums. For a young Black man born in the early 70's Vanity may have been the first of my generation's symbols of feminine beauty that we could call our own. This was a time of pictures and posters and the wall... Vanity shared my wall with other icons of the day(if memory serves me correct looking back to 1982 - 1983 Vanity's place on that wall was somewhere near Natalie Cole).

Image. Powerful. Somehow the intersection of the star power of Jaime Starr aligned with that of the naturally charismatic aloofness of Denise Matthews to create 80's lighting in a bottle for that electric moment in time where a few were breaking through. As a 7th grader I wasn't as wise about the world as I am now so yes I will admit that a Black person from Canada at that time was an exotical in my eyes(as the kids would say).

Musically "Nasty Girl" as a single and Vanity 6 was/is funky as all outdoors. In many ways a window into the world of the early 80's - brash, New Wave, Electronic, Atari. How I was able to purchase/play that album I'm not sure. It could be that my older sister had laid the groundwork with her purchase of Controversy a year and a half earlier, whatever the case was I was in possession of a production that was ahead of its time in subject matter, marketing and promotion. Let's be real and clear if the 'gram, reality TV, Twitter and the whole host of social media offerings had been around in the "Vanity" era but they were not and still her light shone brightly as it still does now after her passing.

Fame is a double sided four letter word. As there were numerous cheers for Vanity in the limelight, I can only imagine the dark days of silence for Denise Matthews in her lower moments. It is apparently clear that later in life Denise Matthews was able to find peace and that's what we could all only hope to find in our short time here. The selfish side of me is sad that another icon of my youth has passed on. The grown up in me understands the cycles of life and celebrates what we have fond memories of and the victory that can be found on the other side.

So when we count it all up if nothing else that's what I hope these few words will convey: that true love and admiration is not as fickle as a position of any music chart or the opening weekend at the box office, but it is a process where we cheer you on through each and every life station and recognize that the world is truly a better place for you passing this way.

Rest well Ms. Matthews

Betty davis bw 2

DJ Polished Solid - Betty Davis Birthday Mix: Originals, Samples & Cover (No Turn Unstoned #200)

DJ Polished Solid takes time out this week to celebrate the birthday of an original Funk n' Roller: the one and only Betty Davis! Many thanks to DJ Polished Solid for putting this wonderful tribute together. Make sure to checkout Make sure to checkout DJ Polished every other Sunday from 5-7pm on her show No Turn Unstoned. right here.

DJ Polished Solid - Betty Davis Birthday Mix: Originals, Samples & Cover (No Turn Unstoned #200) 2012-07-25 by on

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DJ Polished Solid: VAN HUNT knows how to write a song mix (No Turn Unstoned #190)

DJ Polished Solid is back with another great mix of a certified GFM Fave Van Hunt. For those who know Van's body of work or have ever seen him perform live know firsthand the caliber of artist that he is... it's great to see someone like DJ Polished Solid producing such a fitting tribute to a true writer of music. GFM had the privilege to interview Van last August, if you haven't had a chance to check out that interview you can find it here. Make sure to checkout DJ Polished each and every Sunday from 4pm to 6pm on her show No Turn Unstoned right here.

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Vanity 6

Vanity 6: "Nasty Girl"

Much is said about the onesies and skimpy costumes that these pop divas wear today and their overt sexuality, but remember Vanity 6? Thirty years ago this group knocked our collective socks off with lingerie as outfits and explicit records that included moaning and groaning. I still can't believe my mom allowed me to have this album, but I'm glad she did. It was great music--courtesy of Prince and The Time (Also known as The Original 7ven). Written and composed by Prince with backing music by The Time, "Nasty Girl" went to #1 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 and Hot Dance Club Play charts. Vanity is now a Christian minister and denounces the song.


DJ Phaze Presents: I Love the 80's (Soul/R&B) Mixtape

Don't date yourself, but it's likely this was the soundtrack for your high school, middle school or even college years. Either way, the 80's were a fun loving, horrible fashion, good time having era. If you enjoyed his 80's MTV flashback mix, add this to your collection for a dash of 80's soul. Big ups to DJ Phaze for blessing us with another great mix. Hit the break for the playlist and enjoy!

GFM I Love the 80's Soul & RnB by GrownFolksMusic

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