Special Request with 1-O.A.K (Interview) from Rawe Magazine on Vimeo.

This great interview with Oakland bred singer/songwriter and producer, 1-O.A.K comes to us by way of Erin Duncan with the video production by DJ.Lan. You can find the original post here. This is an artist and a sound that you need to get familiar with.

From the write up

Oakland bred singer/songwriter and producer, 1-O.A.K, represents the best of the Bay Area music scene. Within his music, he is able to encompass all the music forms that have made the area popular—hip-hop and soul, while still adding in a lot of himself and a lot of other musical elements. With his long awaited debut album, Special Request, that’s what comes across.

The album gives listeners an idea of why we all were waiting for an album from the singer and really gives listeners an idea of who the singer really is notably with tracks like: “Yaya,” “Sweet Memories,” and “High Rollers,’ just to name a few. Following the release of the album, I got a chance to catch up with 1-O.A.K and speak with him about his roots in music, the creative process behind the album, particular songs and etc.