As discussed in a previous post a “Grown” spirit encompasses all of life: the good, the bad, in a manner of maturity that lets us know that you will win and you will lose but always, always be grateful for what you have. Sure, it’s fine and important to have aspirations as long as the intentions are in the right place not out envy for another. That’s what I need in my music, a spirit. You know when it’s there because you can feel it. It’s hard to tap into that spirit if you’ve never experienced it yourself and that’s what being “Grown” is all about is the experience. So a great writer writes from experience and the same holds true for a great performer. So if the music is not moving you in a particular way it may be because the creators are not plugged into a particular spirit or vibration that moves you. That’s fine and that’s when you know it’s time to move on to something that does move you.