It is with both extreme shock and sadness that we report that Ms. Whitney Houston has passed away. All this means is that her soul has passed from this Earth, and her soul is now at rest with the Creator.  Whitney, you gave us something that none of your detractors can take away. You gave us love, you made us dance, you made us cry, and you made us think. You truly paved the way for women in music, particularly women of color. Before your emergence, there seemed to have still been a sort of barrier that women, especially brown skinned women, could not fully cross. Yes, we already had Chaka, Patti, Tina, Gladys, and Aretha, but there was only one Whitney Houston. You served your purpose on this Earth, and now it is time for you to return home. God gifted you with a voice that was so good that it was often at times unbelievable. You will not be forgotten.

This is not the end of our recognition for Ms. Houston. Just like all of you, the Grown Folks Music family are all major admirers of both Ms. Houston and her music. We will collect ourselves and our thoughts, and we will supply a proper tribute.