Often when a word like “do” is written we are lead to believe that the writer intends for what proceeded to be an absolute or a command. Neither is true in this case. What is true though, is that from a personal standpoint, a personal experience if you will, I made a choice to regard the Roberta Flack classic in a new light because of taking the position of what “Grown” means to me. This is not intended to knock any other version of this song, but for me this production lines up well with my understanding of the definition of grown.

To be quite honest the musical vamp in the beginning does it for me. The vamp is that perfect blend of R&B and Bossa Nova if you will that will find Roberta Flack revisiting on another one of her classic tunes 1974’s “Feel Like Makin’ Love”. I love youthful exuberance as much as the next person, I don’t consider myself old, and I’m really getting to a point where I’m starting except my standing as grown. With such a standing, choices have to be made… and when I think of “Killing Me Softly” I’m reaching for the Roberta, just like making the graduation from hamburger to steak it’s “What Grown Folks Do…”

Over the coming months we’re going to spend a lot of time delving into what Grown Folks Music really means. Obviously, it means lots of different things to lots of different people and we will seek to discuss that, offer some definitions that may run counter, and hopefully together arrive at better understanding through the process.