Here is the new video from R&B vocalist, Ginuwine with his single, What Could Have Been from his upcoming album release in early 2011.  In this video, Ginuwine plays the role of a regretful man who’s realized his mistake in letting go of a past love, played by Malinda Williams. Through his sudden revelation, the video is a race against time to see if his awareness came too late for him to win her back. This song is a characteristic R&B song for Ginuwine but I strongly question something within the vocals. Is it just me or does it sound like Ginuwine is pulling a Milli Vanilli in certain “punch-in verses” and “adlib” spots of the song? I listened to this track a number of times with and without the video and would be willing to place money down that this song is vocally sung by Ginuwine and another male vocalist!!! If you think you have the ears and you’re up for the challenge,  listen to this song and tell us what you think?   Is this 100% Ginuwine or Ginuwine with a mix of Milli Vanilli?

Ginuwine – What Could Have Been from The Ghettonerd Company, LLC on Vimeo.