Yes you read that correctly I’m done. Finished the race. Kaput.

For the last several weeks I’ve purposely gone black on this series, in the dark, only documenting my thoughts and feelings internally. In other words… taking my own advice. You see while it’s great to live out loud online, sometimes it’s good to go inline, make some changes and reappear.

Have I solved all my issues relating to my attitude towards music? Nope. Did I expect to? Nope. But what has happened is that I have been able to rejuvenate my curiosity and quest to make a difference no matter how large or small. In this sea of sameness there has to be some push back and these last 30 days have given me the opportunity to rest, reflect and build up the stamina needed to push this boulder of bull up the hill.


So let’s get to it, a top five list of what I’m hoping to push back on with the help of not only the GFM HQ Crew but all of you who might be reading this. My veritable “Had It Up To Here” list because well I’m done and you should be too.


  1. Fauxblicist/Fauxmagers – Stop it. Please stop it. If you are an artist please, please, please as part of your team that oh you know represents you, please employ persons who not only have people skills, but who know how to read with comprehension and write with clarity. Above all else please retain someone who has the power of retention – remembrance as in we talked about x,y,z going down when we arrive to cover your show which helps to promote your work, your career and because you have some Bozo who’s either your ex-baby mama’s cousin or your third uncle removed from the bus driver, no one knows what we’re talking about. What interview? What photo-op? I’m sorry who are you with again? I don’t see your name on the list, who did you speak with? I. Spoke. With. You. Remember???
  2. UGS(Urban Gossip Sites) – Why have I had it up to here with these “sites”? Because they refuse to stay in their lane. If you want to talk about what someone had on at some generic awards show or who left their wife for the Nashville Hot Chicken side piece fine, but keep music outcha mouf and off your cyber nuclear wastelands. Why? Because you’ve made music even cheaper than the iTunes Store, bad enough music is devalued but you have artists who devalue themselves by appearing on these sites who just last month was getting a gazillion clicks, vies and giggles at your expense. Sure there’s equal blame to go around in that scenario but I’m so tired of these “outlets” that just for the sheer fact that they have a lot of traffic some assclown at some record label did an equation that says there’s a lot of people on site X you have music coming out so Y shouldn’t we do an exclusive that will = success! I’ll tell you why… it’s called have some self-respect.
  3. Radio – Suckas don’t play ish made after 2000 – Pretty self-explanatory. Sure I’m prone to hyperbole but actually no but. I’m addressing this to the stations that use the Grown Folks Music ® slogan or any derivative thereof… I love a good throwback as much as the next person but you kill a culture when you don’t move forward. So you all are formally dismissed. Balance is the key.
  4. Keep Our Name Outcho’ Mouf –  That ® symbol I typed was no typo. That’s a very real trademark, from a very real entity(us),that’s working on some very real things and defining what’s rightfully ours. So be careful out there in these internet streetz. Sure, Grown is as Grown does but Grown isn’t a whole list of trifling, disgusting and most of all wack photos, videos, shows or artists. Grown is… just check us out and you will see. We define this!
  5. One Night Blog Stand- This is something I hate not only from the blogger side of the game but the artist side as well. It’s like no one tries to build real relationships it’s all about that one night stand… you’re at the club and ask everyone to dance and of course some are interested but it may not be the guy or girl that’s got all the eyes locked in the club, but you have someone’s attention and then that leads to a dance and then a drink and then… next morning – no biscuits with breakfast, you might get a thank you note, might. No text, no call, no nothing until… the next project. Not that we have to be boo’ed up but a relationship a real one is more than just the conquest. How ya doin? from time to time works.

So here’s what I’m bout to do… run on til’ I see what the end’s gon’ be.