Heston performing at Moods Music

[Pics & Videos] 1st Hit Listening Lounge With Heston!

Heston & Jodine

Last week we had an incredible time at the Music Addikts & Harmony In Life 1st Hit Listening Lounge! Hosted by our great hostess, Jodine of Jodine's Corner, we had the pleasure to sit with indie soul artist, Heston at Moods Music! If you missed this grown affair, here are some pics and videos from that night. Also, a big shout out to Xperience ATL and DJ Phaze!Read more

Heston at Moods Music - August 14th

GFM ATL fam make sure you are in the building on August 14 to check out Heston who is currently supporting his project Warm Human Cold World which you can check out the GFM review right here.


Album Review: Heston: Warm Human Cold World

Heston's sophomore album, Warm Human Cold World is a soothing mix of jazz, soul and funk that is laid back and quite easy to listen to. It’s easy to listen to in the car, while working, during dinner, and easy to listen to while spending time with that special someone. For that reason alone it succeeds, because so much of the music pumped through the airwaves these days is quite harsh. The tracks are often overwhelming and/or the lyrics are repulsive. Nothing offensive here, Heston mainly addresses love-- being in love, making love, as well as losing love--rather poetically on tracks like "She Lives In Me" ("This is something more than love. She lives in me.") and "Lonely In My Room" ("Too many have tried to light my fire. Still I can't sleep in my bed. Don't know why I ever left you.").

Even though the sailing is smooth some waves would have been nice. Although the cd starts out with an uptempo track, "The Greatest Lover" (a song which is probably a delight to hear live because of some great horns and a funky organ on the track) and the cd ends with an uptempo track, "Oh La La", which sounds like a vintage funk track from the 70's-- their presence does not rock the boat or steer the cd away from the direction in which it is headed. One after another the tracks come with the same temperament and laid back execution. They flow into each other, which, in some ways speaks to the continuity of the cd. It can be played without skipping any tracks. But, I was hoping for a track that was different than or stood apart from the others in some way that made the listener absolutely never forget it. It almost went there at the end of "You", where, as the song rides out there's a mini jam session from the band that leaves you wanting more.
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New Music: Heston - "Greatest Lover"

From his upcoming album, Warm Human, Cold WorldHeston brings us his newest single, Greatest Lover.  This tune is sure to keep you in  sway of a Chicago step or a simple two step if that's more your style. Check out this new groove and get yourself moving!!!

Heston - Greatest Lover by Stratus Digital Marketing

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Heston's Live Concert Listening Party!

Heston's Live Concert Listening Party! from Grown Folks Music on Vimeo.

Hola family!!!! :)

Still on my hustle, ya'll, but while I was out I had the pleasure of catching Heston's listening party with a live concert for his sophomore album, Warm Human Cold World. Check out a few clips from this soulful show.