GFM's Inside The Album Podcast - Madhouse 16

After a long hiatus, the Prince & Prince-related Inside The Album crew is back to follow up the Madhouse 8 podcast with its successor, Madhouse 16, the second 1987, Prince side project with saxophonist extraordinaire Eric Leeds! Join DJ Polished Solid, The Ricker, Love Man and Arthur Turnbull from The Music Snobs, Snobs on Film, and Entry Points podcasts as they delve into the follow up to Madhouse 8 in the same year.

Source material referenced in this episode can be found here:

Uptown Magazine 5
Syncopated Strut by Miles Marshall Lewis in Wax Poetics Issue 50

Inside The Album Prince SOTT Pt. 2

GFM's Inside The Album Podcast: Prince SOTT Pt. 2

Inside The Album Prince SOTT Pt. 2

Folks do you know what happens when you get five Prince aficionados together to talk about SOTT on the 30th anniversary of its release? Just about anything and everything. In fact so much so that this is pt. 2 of 2. Please join DJ GFM's Polished Solid, The Ricker, and The Love Man with special guests from The Music Snobs - Arthur and Jehan as they chop it up about all things SOTT! This is must listen and share podcasting right here.

Sans Time: "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"

This is not another post waxing poetically about the "good ol' days", to the contrary this new series seeks to highlight music that exists outside of a particular era. The inspiration for this series was culled from a personal experience last week, whereby I happened to be driving and cycling through the local radio offerings when this song was spun.

I happened to remark to my traveling companion that even though I know the precise moment in time when I first heard this song and the era of its popularity, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" lives outside of those confines. I know without a shadow of a doubt what 1987 sounds like and hearing this tune the other day I didn't get the feeling of when the expiration date has passed. No, this music sounded as fresh and alive as when I first heard it.

Artists are often forced to chase trends and while a trend may be popular for the moment, the result can be the musical equivalent of wearing bellbottoms. Some trends are for and can be easily identified with a moment in time while others... timeless.

[Concert Pics] B.B. King & Buddy Guy: The "Real" Guitar Heroes!

B.B. King in Atlanta

In the ever present hustle of life, I often have to make the consciouses effort to step back and breathe in the moment. I've found that the fruitless pursuits of mirages and mirrors can  insidiously make you lose sight of  God's most precious blessings. For some,  it may be the infectious giggle of your child and for others, it may be the moment you said "I do". Life is filled with a number of magical flashes and can surprise you with phenomenal people along the way. However if you're not careful, you can easily fall into the trap of taking  things for granted when greatness is right before your eyes. This past Sunday at Chastain Park, I'm glad I didn't miss my moment and had a chance to literally kneel before music royalty. Who am I referring to you ask? None other than Chicago blues great, Buddy Guy and Lucille's old man, B.B. King.Read more