[Album Review] Kelly Price: "Kelly" Proves "R&B Ain't Going Nowhere"!!!

R&B isn't going anywhere! Any form of music requires rhythm and if it's gonna have soul, you need a little blues so R&B ain't going nowhere!

-Kelly Price

Since her debut album, Soul of a Woman, Kelly Price has been known for her soul stirring vocals. Reminiscent of vocal powerhouses like Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston with a sparking songwriter's hand, Kelly's artistry has always carried an authentic approach to R&B.  However with so many chart topping artists who lack  the vocal range and songwriting skills to say anything meaningful, you wonder whether this honest art form of R&B and its rich tradition would make a definite comeback?  Would we lose appreciation for the melodic and mature story lines along with the emotional connection we've always known in this genre? After listening to Kelly's current album release, Kelly,  I can honestly say she's given a solid case and strongly defended the statement, "R&B ain't going nowhere".Read more

Kelly Price Tired

Kelly Price Presents: The Official "TIRED" Remix Contest

Calling all producers: Here's a great opportunity for you to flex your production skills and flip an anthemic ballad into a dancefloor scorcher (with credits)! If you missed our interview with Kelly where she discusses the inspiration for the song, check it out here. Catch her performance from the Monique show after the break.

Internationally acclaimed R&B artist, Kelly Price launches a new remix campaign engaging fans to create the official dance version of her hit single “Tired” from her highly anticipated album, Kelly, on My Block Inc. / Sang Girl.

From November 5 through December 5, 2010, the legendary singer will directly accept fan submissions for personal consideration and will announce the winner during the month of December. Price will also provide commentary about submissions through regular video updates throughout the duration of the campaign.

The winner of the “Tired” Remix Campaign will earn formal credit for Price’s official “Tired - Remix.”

To participate please visit: http://www.facebook.com/KellyPriceFans

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Kelly Price Interview-Pt. 1(The story behind "Tired")

In part one of this series we discuss Kelly's new single "Tired" which is receiving some well deserved buzz across radio, the net and wherever else great music is heard. Read more

Kelly Price - Tired

Wow. Kelly Price is back, tired and we feel her pain and we're all better for it. Listen to whatever is on your radio, and then listen to this. Now you tell us, what's the problem??