PJ Morton Live in Atlanta

Ok kiddies, it is my pleasure to bring you highlights from PJ Morton’s live recording concert in the ATL. I can tell you I truly enjoyed his performance. He has an effortless way of bringing an intimacy to his show which is very refreshing to see. So without further ado, let’s roll the tape!!!  Oh and don’t forget to get PJ’s great album “Walk Alone” on www.PJMortonOnline.com. NOW, let’s roll the tape!!!! Continue reading “PJ Morton Live in Atlanta”

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PJ Morton – Mountains and Molehills


PJ Morton is one talented cat. We’ve been looking for an excuse to post on him, and he gave it to us.

If you’re not familiar with his work, check out some of his clips after the jump and his website for the latest info and tour dates. His live show is a must experience.

We’re eagerly awaiting his new album which is hopefully coming soon. We’ve been looking for an excuse to post on him, and he’s given us a great reason.

The powerful clip below was posted on his twitter account with the following quote:

“I was bored so i made a video..lol…this song will be on my new album”

Listen to the lyrics and enjoy the creative genius that is PJ Morton.

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