The 55th Annual Grammy Awards - Livestream via AP Live

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Congrats Esperanza! (An Editorial)

We have a very, very long way to go in this country on so many levels it is not even remotely funny. You would think that if someone who is doing something that is not predictable(and doing it masterful, mind you) that would be something that at the very least should and could be respected. But as is often the case, any opportunity for constructive discourse degenerates into the most inane, sophomoric banter that you will ever witness. This is further compounded by the fact that we are connected in a 24/365 web of realtime communication that in some ways weighs everyone's words equally. That is a great and awful phenomenon all at once.

First and foremost congratulations to you Esperanza on your Grammy. I don't want anything that I might posit in this post to overshadow that accomplishment. Well done, well-deserved and hopefully more people will become aware of your phenomenal talent. I remember when I first saw the video below a few years back... for a solid half hour I just kept repeating it. Of course this was after my other ritual which is when I hear something that really moves me I immediately turn it off and reflect on what just happened. Read more

"Cover Me" Sundays - Sailing

The record and song of the year at the 1980 Grammy Awards. Enjoy this classic by Christopher Cross and the cover by Avant.

Grammy Nomination Congrats to Gregory Porter

GFM wanted send a special congratulatory shout out to Jazz Vocalist Gregory Porter, who has been featured here for his great work on the album Water . One only has to take a quick listen to "Illusion" above to understand why this artist is deserving of this type of recognition from his peers.