New Music: Fantasia: “Lose to Win”


“Sometimes you gotta lose to win again…” Check out “Lose to Win”, the new single and video from Fantasia. There is something about the “I’ve been hurt, but I’ll be alright” theme that works for Fantasia. On “Lose to Win”, Fantasia puts her powerful vocals over the classic Commodores track and creates another empowerment anthem for the ladies.

Kimberly Kennedy Charles

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Happy Father’s Day from Luther Vandross & The Commodores


This goes out to all the father’s, whether biological or otherwise.

If you’re fortunate enough to still have your father, spend some time with him, honor him, reconcile with him and give him his flowers while you can.

For those who have lost their fathers, we hope you’re able to reflect on the positive experiences with him that helped mold you into who you are today.

Feel free to leave a comment, we’d love to hear your favorite father’s day memories.


A timeless favorite of father’s, grandfathers and others all over the world. Whether 1980, 2009 or 2080, the message is still powerful and remains the same.

Heather Headley f/Smokie Norful – “Jesus is Love”


Nice rendition of the Commodores classic, by one of the most gifted singers/entertainers to come out in a long time. This single featuring Smokie Norful, is featured on Heather’s recently released gospel album, Audience of One. Here’s a quote from her discussing the title of the album:

“Explaining the album title, AUDIENCE OF ONE, the Trinidad-born, Indiana-raised, and Northwestern University educated star gives credit to her husband Brian Musso. He reminded her one day about the little church back home, “the joy that I found singing in that empty church to my `audience of one.’ And so that is what this album is… a girl singing to the only audience that really matters… the One Audience who is truly worthy.” “I grew up in the church, actually above the church, and this album not only grants me a way to sing music I’ve always wanted to, but it also gives me a chance to give God some overdue praise for everything He has done, and continues to do for me. I really don’t deserve all that He has given me. I can’t help but be grateful; so, we’ll take the voice He gave and thank Him with it… This is My gift to God. My relationship with Him is paramount.”

Check out the Commodores, live, after the jump. Listen to Lionel ‘preaching‘ at the end of the song, it’s 1980, but his words are just as relevant today.

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