Chaz Shepherd Speaks on "Love & Truth"

Bringing a soulful expression of "Love & Truth", I had the wonderful opportunity to chit chat with actor/musician, Chaz Shepherd on his new album. So get comfortable and enjoy this great interview.

And family, make sure you catch his latest single, "Get You Girl" and a BIG shout out to his little daughter, Harlem, expressing herself in the background!!! :)
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Chaz Shepherd-Love & Truth (Review)

The new project from actor/musician Chaz Shepherd is full of love and truth musically, subjectively and contextually. Throughout the set I was intrigued by the many musical personalities of this multi-faceted artist. Initially, my ear was leading me to believe that Love & Truth was somewhat of an ode to ver. 1.0 Neo-Soul(not that I have anything against that sound or era, it's just that at any moment I was expecting Kedar Massenburg to appear.) But then...

The then for this reviewer is the closing quartet of songs: "It Calls Me", "Agape", "Why Me" and "Turn Your Light On". Not that there are not other strong moments in the set, but these songs grouped together both in message and music are a very strong anchor to the entire project. In my opinion these songs showcase the full range and depth of Chaz vocally and subjectively(plus I'm a sucker for string arrangements).

Overall Love & Truth is a very solid effort from Chaz Shepherd. If you are a fan of great storytelling(which I am), lyrical depth and have a certain standard for musicality this is one for your collection. Positivity and musicality are given equal footing on Love & Truth and for that this reviewer thanks the artist.