Today we have a double spin/treat for you. Several of Whitney’s singles were actually covers, but Whitney was such an amazing artist that you would have thought the singles were her original songs. “One of Those Days” is one of those tracks that is so breezy and melodic that it immediately mentally transports you to the very places Whitney describes in the lyrics,

One of those days

When you’re cruisin’ in your car

And at night you see the stars

And it’s warm outside and beautiful

Even though Whitney was/is a legend herself, she was still humble enough to make sure to spotlight the original artists in her video by singing “Mr. Biggs is in the background, The Isley Brothers Gonna Hold It Down“.

While “One of Those Days” wove elements of “Between the Sheets” in with original lyrics, “For the Love of You” is a full on Isley remake. Although I absolutely love the original Isley version, there is something uniquely crisp and refreshing about Whitney’s version. Enjoy……