From 1988’s Giving You The Best That I Got this song is the type of song that I consider perfect for what I call the “chase”. You know that point in time where you are pursuing that person that is really starting to become special in your eyes. You could and probably should put this song on in the car or at the crib, grab them by the hand and let Anita do the rest. I’m not speaking from experience I’m just imagining that this could work.

Musically, the piano/vocal intro is sublime, the perfect setup before we go to tempo. All about the chord changes and color they create here. There are probably more chord changes in this one song than a whole host of contemporary “R&B” artists entire album these days. I’m not saying that more is better just for the sake of having more chord changes, I’m saying it’s better to me because as the colors change it keeps my interest. Check out the background vocals as well, they sound like a well honed brass section in the sense that they are nice contrast to Anita’s legato line on the chorus. This is another tune in her catalog well worth spending some time on checking out all the layers.