Let me get this out of the way up front.  Rahsaan Patterson is my favorite male solo artist, and he has held that position for several years now.  Any male solo artist who is even thinking about taking that slot should purchase “After Hours” and study the art of making high quality Grown Folks Music.  Note to aspiring male artists reading this: After the purchase of “After Hours” you still have a longgggggg way to go buddy, but purchase “After Hours” anyway.

“The Only One for Me” properly opens the disc by setting the tone, letting you know that the cd will be grown, sexy and fun all at the same time.

“I Always Find Myself” is in one word….funky. I don’t use the word funky loosely, either. You can almost visualize Rahsaan and the background singers standing at microphones while onlookers bop their heads hard to the beat.

“So Hot” lets you know that Rahsaan is not just the master of slow jams. He will also provide the opening track to ask that person you’ve been checking out across the room for a dance.

“Loving You” invokes a Prince vibe.

“The Best” is one of several tracks on “After Hours” that were co-written with Van Hunt, and the haunting melody and gripping lyrics really pull you in:

There’s no other way to say it baby

I got to let you know just what I feel

We’ve had better days than what’s been happenin’ lately

I don’t want to walk away, but I gotta be real witcha

I have heard you say you’re gonna change

But I’m afraid that it’s too late, it’s too late, it’s too late

In this case, “The Best” is coming from Rahsaan, but “the best” is not being reciprocated. Due to this, “the best” course of action is to leave. Wave your hand if you’ve been there.

“Don’t Run So Fast”….such a gorgeous track. I remember the first time I read the title. I immediately thought the song was about the chase in a romantic relationship. Boy, was I wrong. The song is a gorgeous tribute to Rahsaan’s immediate family, specifically his grandmother. Rahsaan invokes so much emotion with his delivery of the lyrics that “Don’t Run So Fast” will automatically transport you back to your own childhood, with lyrics such as

I remember grandma’s blue robe

And some of the stories she told

What of other words she once spoke

There was a lullaby I treasure the most, that said

Don’t run so fast, Don’t run so fast, Don’t run so fast

You might fall on glass, Don’t Run So Fast

Don’t run so fast, Don’t run so fast, Don’t run so fast

You won’t be the last

Don’t run so fast, Don’t run so fast, Don’t run so fast

On “Separate”, Rahsaan gives you the opportunity to complete your break up will simultaneously getting on the dance floor. You will be sliding from side to side by the time you get to the chorus:

I think it’s time we separate

Wrap it up and call it a day

I think it’s time we separate

You go yours, and I’ll go my way

I absolutely love “April’s Kiss”, from the bouncy melody to the lyrics, this track will put you in a great mood.

“Sometimes You Gotta Let Go” is an appropriate anthem for this time of year. New beginnings, closing doors, opening windows….let this be your first anthem of the new year.

“After Hours” is Rahsaan’s “Thriller” so far. I say so far because Rahsaan’s level of genius infers that he could top his work on “After Hours” with an even more spectacular project in the future. In a short period of time, “After Hours” manages to capture a snap shot of multiple portions of one’s life- finding new love, closing a relationship that is long over, honoring those who love you most, and nurturing relationships that you want to continue.

Hopefully “After Hours” is already in your collection. If not, please click either the Amazon or ITunes links below to purchase “After Hours”. After one listen, you will understand why Rahsaan Patterson is a favorite artist of mine. Dare I say that I will question your authenticity as a true r&b fan if I happen to meet you and I notice that this cd is not in your collection. Don’t let me catch you in the street empty handed.

“After Hours” is available on Amazon.com and ITunes.