Solo opinion warning – If we look at life in terms of a game, it’s definitely chess, not checkers. Life dwells in the realm of the thinker. Examine every angle before you make a move and remember as you are moving you can always be moved upon. I’m taking a bit of poetic license with this song dedicated to the memory of Amadou Diallo (penned by Erykah Badu and Betty Wright) my takeaway is from the old adage of folks building you up to bring you down.

I’ve noticed in my time here that the “bring you down” is the game of life that has the most participants, many of whom don’t know that they’re scheduled to be next on the firing line as soon as that sheet is taken off, or light is turned on or closet door is opened. It’s not that we don’t have a responsibility to ourselves and our fellow humans to be accountable for all of our actions, we do, my word of caution is that care should be taken in the zeal and vigor exacted to point how wrong something or someone is, because the foundation of self-righteousness is always shaky ground.