Growns, check out the “Tell Me” from The CraigLewis Band. The song was written by The CraigLewis Band and produced by the Free Agentz. About “Tell Me” the band says, “Sometimes we treat strangers better than the people who really love us or we only realize how much someone means to us when they’ve moved on to someone else,” says Jeffrey Lewis. “This song just reminds us that it’s time to grow up and start respecting our relationships,” adds Zuri.

“Tell Me” is available on iTunes now and will also be available on The CraigLewis Band’s forthcoming album, due in the spring of 2016.

About The CraigLewis Band (From the Press Release)

The CraigLewis Band is made up of two best friends from Atlanta, GA. The duo’s name is a combination of their last names (Zuri Craig and Jeffrey Lewis). The singers met while competing against each other in a talent competition. They still can’t decide who actually won the competition, but that doesn’t matter now because they have been singing together for 10 years. After performing together for years, they were contacted by Tyler Perry and had the opportunity to perform with him in his stage play, Madea’s Big Happy Family. Their performance in the play landed them an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. On the show they performed the theme song from the TV show The Brady Bunch, the same song Tyler Perry first heard them singing on YouTube. To date, The CraigLewis Band has over 7 million hits on YouTube.

In 2015 the duo took their talents to the America’s Got Talent stage. After performing for months on the show, they finished in the top 5. Today, you can find The CraigLewis Band singing and touring all over the world. The group will be releasing their new album, still yet untitled during the spring of 2016.

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Facebook: /The Craig Lewis Band
Instagram: @TheCraigLewisBand