It’s Friday and just in time for the weekend we wanted to drop some audio goodness on you designed to transport you to the sonic groove expressway. Word is there’s a new collective in town and they are ready to take this music squarely into the 21st century with a little assistance from some of the best of what was created in the 20th. Check out “hyper (get on up, get on down)” and “canned soul food (three kings revisit)” below, tell a friend or 200 and find out more about The Heavy Light after the jump!

From the press release


NEW YORK, NY, October 24, 2013 – A group of friends – who just happen to be artists –HeavyLight. A crew of critically acclaimed artists who find their fun behind microphones and mixing boards. This awesome and honest idea led to OCEAN’S ELEVEN, an on-going musical experience that launches November 19th.

By joining HeavyLight, the eclectic collection is creating an outlet to their “other” music dreams. It’s a project that doesn’t strip them of their current identities but opens each member to new sonics and new approaches to music. This is a Hip-Hop/Soul project at its core. This is a Wu-like collaboration in essence that requires every member to only be themselves… or a totally different person. The goals of the HeavyLight are always same: Group Shine!

Ocean’s Eleven is a new kind of music release, it is an on-going musical experience. The group will release music as sets of suites. However the releases will occur when the mood hits and the magic matches the music. There are no static deadlines or unmanageable expectations. There will only be a steady stream of music from a set of award-winning musicians and artists asking for an ear or 2000 ears to enjoy the adventure; join the journey.

For more infomation and to listen


A few places HeavyLight members have performed at and/or featured in… maybe it will make you download a tune or 200:

Apollo Theater (not Amatuer Night, though they would) BET CentricTV Vibe National Poetry Slam Verses and Flow Def Poetry SoulBounce SoulTracks The Source Magazine

Basically… “they about that life”

Play the music. Enjoy the music. Share the (damn) music.