I know record companies normally pick uptempo cuts as the first release. However looking back on the initial single release from the One Love album, there’s a time and place to break the rules and that should have been done with this Jam & Lewis cut.  Nothing against the Hot 2Nite single, but after an 8 year hiatus, this track, in my opinion, was a stronger song, has more staying power and was truer to the brand of New Edition. Too bad we can’t “rewrite the memories” of Bad Boy’s executive decision in missing this jewel as a prominent release.

The moral of this story: Record labels, don’t try to rewrite the “history” of mature artists who already have a foundational brand. How you position and release a “flavor of the month” artist  may not be genuine for an established artist who already has a core sense of who they are. Now while I step off my soapbox, listen to this awesome cut, Re-Write the Memories.