Check out and support the video and song “Dance Revolution” by Maya Azucena for the One Billion Rising campaign for violence against women.

One Billion Rising is the cause. Dance Revolution, is a battle cry, calling
all people to join in solidarity to resist violence against women and the
passive silence that allows it to continue. Statistics say, 1 in 3 women and
girls are abused or raped in their lifetime, amounting to roughly 1 Billion
of the world’s population. Maya is one of those women, who endured years in
a domestically violent relationship. One Billion Rising is a worldwide
campaign, initiated by playwright and human rights activist Eve Ensler
(author of Vagina Monologues & Founder of V-Day), to mobilize one billion
women and girls by February 14th, 2013, to participate in a worldwide stand
to stop Domestic Violence. Dance is the weapon of choice – a physical act of

This music video, a true labor of love, was shot over 7 days, in 3 cities,
on two coasts, with 3 dance troupes and over 2 dozen women and girls.
Director, Rae Maxwell (RMI), did an amazing job of capturing the dynamic
energy of the dancers, and the emotion of the message with a uniquely
creative eye.