Acclaimed west coast singer, songwriter, and producer Georgia Anne Muldrow releases a collection of astral instrumentals. VWETO, which means gravity in Ki-Kongo, has just that: a significance that rings true on a deep and profound level, a mixture of dreamscape and fOnk. Each instrumental journeys through sonic realms that wash over the listener with ease, taking them out of their body and into the spirit plane. The vibrations knock hard enough for any Hiphop head, yet bend and curve through the recesses of mind in a much more esoteric way, bringing a fOnk unique to Georgia that hits hard enough to turn Dre’s head. Distinctly west coast, yet like nothing released before, Georgia Anne Muldrow’s VWETO is a layered album that explores the instrumental depths of fOnkrock, Hiphop, PianoSpace, and Soul. The album also features original artwork by Gene Pendon of HVW8.

The newest release from Georgia Anne Muldrow, VWETO, is now available on limited edition purple vinyl (only 500 copies were pressed) . Last month itunes did an exclusive pre-release of the new album and this month the album goes into wider release. This is MMG’s second project with Georgia, the first being SomeOthaShip with Dudley Perkins and a host of guests. Whereas the last album focused on the rap side of things, this one allows Georgia to explore the instrumental fOnk side of Hiphop.