“All at once,
I finally took a moment and I’m realizing that
You’re not coming back
And it finally hit me all at once”

I can remember vividly the moment I heard of Whitney’s passing. It was news I inwardly hoped wasn’t true but after seeing the repeated lines of “R.I.P” on the pages of Twitter & Facebook , news channels scrambling franticly to report the breaking news, it confirmed the loss of someone extraordinary and beautiful.

Much like the lyrics of this song written by Jeffery Osborne for her debut album, Whitney Houston, it speaks of a love that was memorable, unparalleled but no longer returning to the lover’s arm. The memories they shared are treasured but now haunting at the same time.  It’s the moment of realization as her mind ponders the finality of this uncommon and gifted blessing that will never return and she’s forced to understand she’ll never find anything like it again.

When I take a moment to ponder the lyrical landscape of this song, it’s funny how it reflects my sentiments of Whitney Houston. To this day I still smile when I hear her voice and cherish the beauty of her gift yet it’s mixed with a haunting acceptance that she’s not coming back. And while I may try to find another like her, it’s an effort that only underlines the obvious – there is none that can compare to the wonder of her voice.

So on the day Whitney died, my heart broke to the understanding we loss someone exquisite, superb and absolutely inspiring……….. all at once.