Photo by Bethany Legg
Photo by Bethany Legg

Yes you read that correctly. The new business model is let me show you, teach you, preach to you a business model as a business model. MLM is here to stay baby!!! Oh I’m not a full-blown cynic… there are some folks out here doing some amazing work and doing it in the most empowering and ethical manner and then there are some folks out here that just got off the wagon from the “Say, Say, Say” video. I thought this was the music business? Yes marketing, promotion and the like are crucial because there is so much noise out here but the music part in my mind always goes before the business part.

What Exactly Do You Mean Good Sir?

I mean listen to the music first. How can you help someone who’s product is sub-standard to begin with? You can’t. But no one wants to admit this because if your entire business models is based on any and everyone who can plunk down $99.99 per month or whatever the huckster rate is the days, when you start putting standards into place and saying no the house of cards will fall.

Here Are A Few Things I Don’t Understand…

What exactly is an exclusive on the internet? Is there some special passage with a secret key that only a few can entire this exclusive domain?

In 2015 the appeal of a free download is what again? As long as I can press play and listen to a song ad-infinitum I don’t care whether it resides on my localized drive or not. So whether downloaded for free or streamed it all feels the same to me.

What makes someone think that I want to hear new music everyday of the week, every week of the month, every month of the year? Let’s say I did, the simpleton math that I’m capable of doing says that would be about 365 songs per year. If I’m honest do I even have 365 songs that I must listen to all the time? Maybe, I haven’t done a survey but my point is that’s too much music even for any lover of music to consume. As I’ve often said on this site these days the most important thing to pay is attention. When you pay someone to hype your half-baked offering it doesn’t help you, but it sure does help them because whether the song is a hit or a flop they make the same amount of money.


Yeah. So??? The so of what I’m saying is to always consider helping yourself first. Get real feedback before you spend a dime and your time. You’ve got to get out of your small circle and seek out people who will be brutally honest with you before cluttering up the highway with more mess and especially from the self-help standpoint before you give money over to anyone who truly is only looking out for themselves.