Remember when you were young there was always some kid bragging about what they had? You know the exotic breed dog, motorcycle, big brother or whatever it was that was conveniently never around. I always questioned the motivations of kids like that and sometimes if you’re and they’re lucky enough you can watch someone grow out of that. Sometimes not, like what we are inundated with on the daily by the declarations of those who want you to know that they are currently driving their “Other, other Benz” or wearing some watch that you’ve never seen before (which I hope it tells time).

Straight up and down, anyway you want to slice the bread that’s childish. Let me say it again: that’s what kids do… I’ve got this and I’ve got that and you nah, nah, boo – boo. However, the world we live in plays a game because they’re in on it too. See if you call a spade a spade you’re not pointing out what’s blatantly obvious you are envious, you are a hater. No, you’re just grown.

The Grown are thankful for what they’ve got whether it’s a little or a lot. The Grown don’t need to tell you what’s in their wallet because that’s their business. The Grown don’t need to try to impress you with their zipcode, they just inform you that everyone’s welcome and there’s a space and plate for you at the table. The Grown like for things to be done right, decent and in order and they take joy and pride in doing it themselves. The Grown know how to get together and have a great time with the emphasis on the company and not the labels and symbols of the faux aristocracy.

The Grown are thankful for what they’ve got because they got it in a manner that causes them to reflect on and appreciate the struggle. The Grown is not material. The Grown is a spirit that when right transcends all the material of this world.