In listening to the Dukes of DaVille’s Euphoria you automatically catch the strumming acoustic guitar, the distant “ah-oh” chants with the club-like 808 bass track. With a modern pop sound through the verses leading into a thunderous sound of live drums, this single definitely sounds like a tune fitting of a dramatic scene in a television series. However, I question whether this song has the power to stand on its own merit without that type of platform. It’s not that the song doesn’t have peaks and valleys because it does carry that attribute. On the other hand, in the midst of all the production I found it very hard to connect with an element that tugged on my emotions and made me feel a “euphoric” and memorable connection.

If you like or dislike the Euphoria single from the Dukes of DaVille’s upcoming album Night Rider, then let your voice be heard and tell us about it. Hey, you might make me change my mind! 🙂