Ok, I finally got a chance to check out this video with Aaron Hall. Now he talks a lot about real R&B, Trey Songz having R. Kelly in a head lock and kindly says that singer/songwriter, The Dream is a great writer. However the situation gets a little sticky when he later mentions that The Dream needs to lose weight. Now how can you make a comment like dat and yo’ bottom tooth is doing a whole other interview while you’re talking? Now let me say this, I love Aaron Hall!!! His album “The Truth” was exactly that……..the truth! The baby population probably went double platinum due to the “Don’t Be Afraid” (Sex You Down Some Mo’) version alone! But Aaron, you hurting me dude!!! I don’t wanna see you like this!! Don’t you ever, ever, ever let your tooth do a bigger interview than you, you hear me!! The next time I see you, I wanna see “Mr Nasty Man” at his best, ok?!? And by the way, the next time you do an interview, you need to hit us up.  We’re good at making “you” and yo’ tooth look good. 🙂