It’s not just what you do that makes you Grown, it’s how you do it. We’ve talked about spirit here before, if the spirit is right that you can best be certain that it’s being guided by integrity. There are always shortcuts, workarounds and the like but if they are used in a manner that is duplicitous it might get you there quicker but you won’t stay and people will not only not remember you they will actually choose to forget you.

Make a choice, we’ve all be given that right. When you are truly Grown you err on the side of integrity(what is the right thing to do in this situation that I currently find myself). The same holds true for music. Popularity and integrity at one time shared the same space all but for a brief moment. There’s a difference between vulgar and provocative and the culture has moved to accept the vulgar because it doesn’t require accountability in the way that being a provocateur does. Not only should the musical message contain integrity but the sonic landscape that supports the story should be guided by integrity. I’m not advocating for complexity or an elitist musical vision, but be true to the musical art form that you choose to work in. If the music requires a certain level of ability then seek that out, don’t seek to lower the culture, seek to raise yourself up. Get to know Integrity she’s a great and Grown friend to have.