This is a new segment where we give props and pounds to a member of the GFM Family who puts us on to some great new music that we weren’t hip to. Special shout out to Derric Friday for hitting us up on the FB Page and giving us the good word about Swedish Trio Dirty Loops.

The word around GFM Headquarters (and I’m paraphrasing a bit) is that these cats have made covers of songs that were otherwise un-listenable [when performed by the original artist] listenable, actually down right funky to be exact. That’s a testament to what these guys are putting down.

There was some discussion yesterday about a particular genre and how its suffered in the mainstream, and how some of the blame could be based on the fact that so many who create in that style have been chasing the Pop music market. Berry Gordy’s stated mission was to crossover to the Pop market (and the assembly line Motown did with great success) so I don’t believe it has to do with the aspiration. It all boils down to who’s making the music and their level of skill. Listening to Dirty Loops there is no question of the skill level and commitment to music within the ensemble and on the reel(pun intended) anyone who can take otherwise meh material and make it groove like this has my vote.

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