Big Draws & Lint Balls (from his P.O.V.)

So I’m talking to my cousin this morning and we’re just choppin’ it up about random people we’ve dated and who’s still around. He’s telling me about this new chick he’s been digging on and how official she is. It was then my memory took me back to a conversation about 3 months ago we’d had about this older chick he’d been seeing and how official [she] was. So I asked him what was up with her. He’s like “aaaaaw K. I had to cut her loose.”

See, my cousin is from the south so trying to find wifey is 3rd to the essentials in life (being a God fearing man is 1st, Being a man, period, is 2nd and then….finding wifey); So if she ain’t holdin’ in the first 4-5 months and she becomes a repeated offender off something that reeeeally erks him, SHE GOTTA GO. Anyways, he goes on to tell me how she’s soooooooo right for him. She cooks and cleans and really knows how to treat him. Not like the one he had before (prior to the new and old chick) But I’m thinking “she ain’t no hot commodity. Most of the females I know do that”; it’s just they haven’t found that man who really appreciates it” and if they [men] do appreciate it, they don’t show it in a way we women can tell. MOVING ON… So I’m like “what happened”…..and he says “BIG DRAWS AND LINT BALLS”.

Immediately I knew what he was referring to. For those [women] that don’t know listen up….from his P.O.V -point of view. Men are not hard to please. Most men only require a few things. And what your man likes can 85% of the time can be altered by what you offer. Meaning what you give is what he will take, in most cases, which in turn will become something he prefers. Now I’ve been told by majority of the men in my life, young and old, married or single; just please be able to cook, don’t keep no nasty house, keep me [men] out of your drama and DON’T WEAR NO BIG DRAWS! understandable.

Now I could’ve easily taken the defense and sided with my fellow sista but I didn’t. I know how important small stuff like that is especially when we WOMEN require way more. He went on to explain “if I keep my hair cut, clothes ironed, breath fresh, nails cut, clean house, clean car aaand I’m paying; which of course is not additional cause I’m a man, YOU NEED TO KEEP THEM BIG A%# DRAWS AT THE STORE!” Point taken. He then told me that aside from the draws being big the bonus was the lint balls. To him that’s just careless and wrong. I asked him “were they her P.P’s?” (ladies you know about the P.P’s) he said “NO!, because why would she bust them out when it wasn’t red ribbon week”.

At this point my eyes were teary from laughing and my cousin was still a little disturbed by the “big draws and lint balls”. I told him next time try the test my homeboy told me about. Put a Fredricks, Victoria Secrets and JcPenney catalog in front of her. Which one she picks up 1st will tell it all.