In this episode, part two of a two-part conversation, we primarily discuss Duane Tudahl’s book, Prince and the Purple Rain Era Studio Sessions: 1983 and 1984, which is out now. Our conversation does not exclusively discuss the book but as always shifts to all things Prince. We are very excited that Duane’s book is the subject of our inaugural episode of Grown Folks Music’s Behind The Book podcast series. We are extremely honored to have Duane Tudahl, the author of Prince and the Purple Rain Era Studio Sessions: 1983 and 1984, and Miss TLC, the creator of Princeversaries on Twitter, join GFM’s The Love Man and Polished Solid for this conversation.

Our original conversation lasted almost 6 hours so we decided to split the conversation into two separate episodes and also two separate podcast series. However, keep in mind that both episodes and shows are the same conversation so we’re hoping you’ll also listen to part one of the conversation, GFM’s Inside The Album Podcast: Purple Rain Deluxe, as well.

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Episode notes:

Prince and the Purple Rain Era Studio Sessions: 1983 and 1984 by Duane Tudahl


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