The smoke is still smoldering from our funk fest yesterday… as you witnessed our AOM’s influence is far-reaching. Please consider donating to this project, it is a little under a month to its completion and a little bit under the halfway point to the $50,000 goal.

As stated on the homepage to the project “Help Preserve the Mothership and Prolong it’s journey” So… there are a few repairs that need to be done to the Mothership so that she can swing down again and take us for a ride.

Our AOM and his team are offering quite a few perks for contributors to the project beginning at the $35 level on up to the $30,000 there is an experience, a memento, a connection to be made for your financial consideration in helping this part of history. I did say music history right? George Clinton and the Funk Mob didn’t just influence a few people, no their influence reigned supreme over a decade and you can feel their sphere of influence right up to this very day in any music that has that funk on it because there was funk before but it hasn’t been the same since the P has been added.

The goal is $50,000 and currently the pledge total is at almost $13,000 with 46 days to go… let’s see if we can help this pilot get back into space.