Coming out of the turbulent 1960’s a new sound of social consciousness and protest began to emanate from radios all across the country. Whether it was the Hot Buttered Southern Flavored variety or a more sophisticated citified creation Soul was the order of the day at the dawn of the decade.

As with all creative movements, there was much more in store for the 1970’s – from the bands getting larger, the songs getting longer and new forms of the music like – Funk, Reggae and the oft-maligned Disco holding sway. However, no one was prepared for what the end of the decade would bring… a new music would be birthed from the urban experience.


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There are many lines to read between on this post. You'll have to make up your mind as to the real intent of the writing and isn't that the point? Think(for yourself) it ain't illegal yet. Shouts to George Clinton!