Yeah the above .gif is pretty much where I’m at today. I mean it’s Friday, no I’m not high but I sure am confused as hell. The source of this confusion???

This article. Take a second to read it, then press play on the track below and if you’re able to listen to the song longer than 15 seconds there may be a special extra credit prize for you somewhere in the goody bag. Maybe. I really am  a “live and let live” kinda guy. I don’t want to ever be guilty of telling someone how to create or what constitutes their “art” however… I think my attitude and the attitude of many others who let stuff just “be” has been equally as damaging as any criticism that we could mete out.


Well because in all this era’s rush to be nice and let the kids and the “artists” just be the kids and “artists” there’s a huge elephant in the room. That elephant is known as knowledge and the byproduct of knowledge is being well-informed. Well-informed artists make well-informed music. Notice I did not say complex music nor “real” nor did I advocate for a particular genre of music over another. What I mean by well-informed is that no matter what type of music you choose to create either through your lyrical or musical narrative(ideally both) we the audience are able to hear that you’ve sought out music and message far beyond the type that would constitute you simply being a follower, a mimic if you will.

We need leaders and leaders in music are made through rigorous examination of not only what’s in front of you but the vast world that’s unknown to you that you must make an effort to explore. For you see if you choose to embark on the journey of discover you will cease to be a follower of other followers and be well on your way to this…