Over the course of this series one aspect of the musical production has continued to present itself (in my opinion) as the key to longevity and success which ultimately impact a legacy: the song. Sure, everything else has to be in place: the performance, the arrangement, the overall production value but without the song, nothing.

What happens when a song is penned by a masterful songwriter like the late great Skip Scarborough? You get two fantastic versions of a great song that received acclaim in two different decades(1978 and 1987 respectively). That’s what this series is all about and that’s what music should be about: not just the moment, but craft the music in such a way that it beckons artists and listeners alike to not only return to an original version but to create new versions that at once honor the original and form a life of its own.

There’s no better proof than what’s in this two musical puddings as it were… press play and enjoy how each production says what it has to say in its own way, yet the beauty of the composition is always up front and personal.

P.S. Over the course of my writing for Grown Folks Music I’ve had the honor of hearing from several of the writers, performers and producers that we’ve profiled. We always count it an honor to hear from the persons who have created this music that we love. Tonight Grown Folks Music has the privilege and honor of putting our readers in the know about what R&B singer, songwriter, producer and six-time Grammy nominee Kashif has been up to. You don’t want to miss this very special announcement, so as we always say “Tell a friend or two thousand!”

See you tonight!