There are certain times when you need a good flush!! In those stressful moments in life, things can get backed up and the best solution is a good “move”. Well, unfortunately this advise wasn’t given to Lloyd for this “straining & constipated” vocal performance of “Lay It Down” for our Singer’s Bathroom series.

To be perfectly honest, I think Lloyd is a likable artist.  Even though artistically I’d really like to hear deeper vocal dimensions and emotion in his voice, it’s hard to dislike anyone who donates their hair to cancer patients. I’m sorry but I have a soft spot for gestures like that. However, I have to give the “WTF” award to the vocal producers on this track! Why in the hell was Lloyd singing  in this key?!? Who got an inspired puff of weed to create the brilliant idea of having him sound like he’s “laying it down” on a toilet??? To relieve these clogged pipes, I feel it’s necessary to leave you with this timely song from musician, singer, actor and one of the originators of “shock rock”, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. Hopefully, it will help to relieve the pain and “let it go”. And to the person(s) who vocally produced this song, you don’t need to be shot but you definitely need your “little toe” slammed by a big azz door for this “ish”!!

Anyway, sing it, Jay!!! 🙂