GFM fam we wanted to put you on to two great offerings from Candice Anitra. First the video…

A pacifist in pumps / Not afraid to throw a punch / Or eat your hurt feelings for lunch,” begins Candice Anitra on the female powered anthem, “Too Much Woman.” The video for the track was created by award-winning director, Vinz Feller, and award-winning animator, Biljana Labovic. In the video, featuring live actors backed by illustrated technicolor settings, Candice faces derogatory and inhibiting comments. She responds by drawing boxes around the perpetrators, effectively caging them in, as she chastises their disrespect and croons, “Nah, nah, nah boo boo / Too much for you you / Who’s stuck in a box – me or you?” The surreal illustrated backgrounds contrast with the serious subject matter and position Candice as a confident woman who will not let others confine nor define her, true to her vision as a person and artist. ‘The Big Tree’ will be available in Jan 2012. Check out the remix which is available as a free download after the break.

The Boston-based production team Bling Mod, featuring former Berklee duo of burgeoning MC Luka Milliano and producer S. Burke, drops a dubstep remix of Candice Anitra’s “Too Much Woman,” infused with epic builds, vocal glitches and dirty bass lines.

Keeping the track more melodic and less abrasive than much dubstep of today, Bling Mod has reharmonized the melody and added a more rigid and uptempo feel, compared to the slow grinding push-pull vibe that Candice pulled off so well in the original song.

Candice Anitra-Too Much(Bling Mod Remix) by GrownFolksMusic