There are definitely moments when you realize that you have not been talking to the walls, but that you have been a part of a collective of like minded individuals (who may or may not know of one another) who when they here the commotion going on outside they recognize that someone has been listening to their collective lament. I didn’t need any other proof of this phenomenon than the sound of BRKN RBTZ.

Sons of Brian McKnight: Brian McKnight Jr. and Niko McKnight along with David Abrams Fabian Egger Will Wu describe their sound as “Rock meets Pop with a Soul edge.” No doubt about it. Hearing music crafted in this manner literally makes this old guy excited about music again.

Acts have been focusing so much on production they forgot one crucial element: The Song and within that song the most compelling element which is the melody. BRKN RBTZ is the antithesis of that approach, The Song rules the day and Melody is King. Now when it comes to production BRKN RBTZ has truly impressed me with their ability to encompass so many styles and yet meld them into their own distinct voice. I believe this is the sound a lot of us have been waiting for: a sound that represents the best of what Pop, Rock and Soul has to offer and reserves a proper place at the table for the song.