I have much respect for the Bomb Squad and what they’ve pioneered in hip hop. Best known as the production force behind the greatest hip hop group of all times (IMHO), Public Enemy, they’ve also blessed 3rd Bass, Run DMC, YBT, True Mathematics and many, many more. It was their unique, complex, hard hitting sonic & sampling structures that had me amazed and in awe from the first sounds of “You’re Gonna Get Yours“.

Bomb Squad production + Chuck D’s powerful voice, educational and challenging lyrics, crazy word flow, inflection + Flav’s comical antics (Happy belated 50th B-day Flav!) = Hip Hop Heaven. Of course, we’ve got to pay homage to Professor Griff, Brother James Norman, Brother Mike, Terminator X, DJ Lord, DJ Johnny Juice and the S1W’s. Check out the video and follow the links to see how the Bomb Squad is still representing worldwide, in 2009.

Keith Shocklee
Shocklee Entertainment
Public Enemy
Professor Griff the Xminista