“Bille Jean” is one of those rare tracks that 90% of the modern world could name within the first 10 seconds of the track’s opening notes.  From the amazing yet understated video treatment, to Michael’s swagger,  “Billie Jean” is a crash course on the life of an 80’s rock star in under 5 minutes.  MJ weaves a cautionary tale that sagely advises us “don’t go around breaking young girl’s (or boys for that matter) hearts.  The track hit # 1 on both the Hot 100 & R&B charts.  Michael had done many videos prior to this, but “Billie Jean” was the first true glimpse into the visual genius that we would witness throughout his entire career. In a televised interview, Michael mentioned that “Billie Jean” was in reference to all of the girls over the years who claimed to be pregnant by his brothers.  After his death, there were rumors that Michael has a grown son who attended his funeral.  Which begs the questions: “Did Michael trick us all?” ” Could Billie Jean have been real, and was “the kid” actually his son?”