By now, you’ve probably guessed that Luther should have been crowned the music industry’s official cover slayer, because he knew how to put his foot into a song remake. Guess what? “Love Won’t Let Me Wait” is also a cover. It was originally released by former Delfonic’s member Major Harris in 1975. “Love Won’t Let Me Wait” appeared on Luther’s full length cd entitled “Any Love”.

Let’s be honest. From the lyrics to the arrangement to the melody, “Love Won’t Let Me Wait” is a beautiful song. Take all of that beauty and add Luther Vandross’ signature runs and ad libs, and you have a quiet storm classic.

As usual, Luther’s version is more well known than the original version. This once again shows just how special of an artist Luther Vandross both was and still is. As celebrated and award-winning as Luther was, I still feel as if he wasn’t always given his proper due.

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The original, Major Harris version: