And now a serious, serious question: I’m really trying to figure out where my love of music has gone? As fellow #Growns I’m calling on all of you to go on this journey of personal exploration as to why the “Jones” for my favorite art form is not currently a “Jones in my bones”?

Try as I might I can’t fake it anymore. No I don’t need any musical “recommendations” in fact that’s the last thing I need and perhaps(as we explore this issue) at the root of the problem. Oh I know the beautiful ones are out there still making the beautiful music, but this problem I’m having is much deeper than just having some great music to get me excited. If there ever was a time in my life where I’ve just been “meh” about music it’s been these first few weeks of 2016.

Certainly as a contributor to this page and an active musical performer I cannot afford to be in this space, but more importantly I cannot afford not to be a truth teller anymore either. Some days I just don’t care about music – and that declaration has no date stamp on it. Some days I don’t care about the classic, the old school and on those days my disdain is equally afforded to the new school.

I’m not looking for a savior, I’m looking to go on a journey to explore why I came to love music the way I do (or more accurately) did in the first place. I’d like to get back to the place where she and I share a legitimate passion not a manufactured one. I want to discover what was behind the initial attraction: The influences both internal and external, the historical context and most importantly the attraction.

So having placed what the mission is won’t you consider joining me here every day for the next month as I post music, pose questions and share very personal experiences in my quest to re-discover my love for music. I would love to make what’s being done here more than just about me so please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences so that we may dialog and grow together.

As I have stated a number of times, 1972’s “Where Is The Love” is my first real recollection of music(not too shabby of a tune huh?). What I mean by real is that whereas I’m sure I was aware of a lot of music at the age of two, I can specifically point out the when and where of when I first heard this song.

My family was traveling to see my grandma who lived in Charlotte, NC. Heading down 29 South from Charlottesville, VA I was in the back of my parent’s green 1972 Buick Electra 225(That’s a deuce and a quarter for those of you keeping score at home) I was on the right because I always sat behind my mom(a mama’s boy) and my sister was on the left behind my dad(a real daddy’s girl). A quick stop was made at a KFC just outside of Lynchburg, VA and “Where Is The Love” comes on and my ears drawn to that beautiful melody and the palette of sounds that created the accompaniment. This was my introduction to her, to music, this would be my definition of music for my two year old mind and it would only grow from there….

See you tomorrow.