As a longtime fan here in the place where my fandom has been well documented I’m going to boldly state here about the news of your retirement that it was all the best Anita! All the best music and performance, style and grace… everything. I know that this is a sort of a road end or perhaps a slight turn for you but we truly wish you the best, you’ve earned it. I’d like to boldly proclaim that for us here at Grown Folks Music this is not an ending, but a beginning of sorts… for you see we believe that we need to continue to celebrate you and your music now more than ever. While we know that there will never be another Anita, we also know the importance of presenting all of what you’ve accomplished so that someone out there can remark that someone as special as you was able to share an incredible gift with the people. A gift that brought us joy and love and effectively had many of us caught up in a feeling of euphoria every time we heard a note emanate from that contralto.

This is not a news item to us, this is the equivalent of hearing from an old friend who is letting us know about the path she’s undertaking now. Mark my words as true that you will continue to hear from us through tributes, podcasts, conversations, polls, messages and so on and so on because it’s all about love here. On a personal note these familiar words truly sum up how I feel about your music and magic.

We may never understand if love just happens or if it’s planned

As a 16 year old full of wonder about the world I could have never planned to fall in love your music. It just happened and I’m(we all are) a much better person for allowing myself to be lead into that love.

Take it easy…

Let the well wishes continue ad-infinitum well done!!!