GFM's Official 2018 Memorial Day Weekend Playlist

#Growns you already know what it is... it's almost the weekend and not just any weekend... a holiday weekend and by most accounts the beginning of summer. Heavy on the '70s and '80s sauce-- this playlist is guaranteed to be a hit with the towel on the shoulder stay away from my grill crowd as well as the supreme trash-talker at the spades table. I mean you've got

Maze (Gotta have Maze)
The Commodores
Teena Marie
Kool & The Gang
King Floyd
Roy Ayers

Just to name a few. 150 tracks 12 hours and 41 minutes of (mostly) gettin' down. Charcoal and lighter fluid mayne. Tell your peoples GFM's got what they need for the paper plate and aluminum foil gang takeover. Ya heard.

GFM's Songs With The Nastiest Bass Line Playlist

So here's what happened

So you know we had to take what the good #Growns posted in the comment section and turn it into GFM's Songs With The Nastiest Bass Line Playlist we had to.

Bass In Your Face Not An Eight Track

Well perhaps I had a few of these cuts on 8track, cassette, vinyl, you get it. Please make sure to subscribe to this playlist, tell your fam and friends. We will continually add to this list as more and more recommendations come in from you, yes that's right you! GFM is not some siloed lofty locale where curators of music sit high and look low and only post what they think you need as opposed to what you know you want. We're not all up on IG like we're.... I'm sorry ya'll I blacked out for a second.

Not Our Last Rodeo

This type of crowd sourced interaction is what we're all about. Without you there is no us. So we have designs on chopping it up a lot more with all of you around all types of musical ideas, notions, thoughts and opinions and why not make a playlist out of it so that we generate some artifacts.

Who's down?

I know I am.


Bob Marley - "War"

On the 30th anniversary of his passing his these words, Bob's words... more than ever we need a reset we need fearless musicians who have something to say.

New Music-Ready For The World "Wondering"

New goodness from Ready For The World's upcoming CD Love, Money & Music. A message we need to hear in this music. Hit us up on the comment line and let us know your thoughts.


War - Slipping Into Darkness

"Slippin into darkness
Take my mind beyond the dreams
I was slippin into darkness
Take my mind beyond the dreams

Where I talk to my brother, oh, oh, oh
Who never said their name

Slippin into darkness
When I heard my mother say
I was slippin into darkness
When I heard my mother say
(Hey, what'd she say, what'd she say)

You been slippin into darkness, oh, oh, oh
Pretty soon youre gonna pay"

1971, off the All Day Music album, "Slippin Into Darkness"
(Papa Dee Allen/Harold Brown/B.B. Dickerson/Lonnie Jordan/Charles Miller/Lee Oskar/Howard Scott)