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Making of The Isley Brother's "That Lady"

Mix Magazine has a great series titled Classic Tracks, where they chronicle the recording process of great songs of the past. In this case, it's The Isley Brothers. Hard to believe they've been recording for 50 years!

This particular journey takes you from Teaneck, the Jimi Hendrix era and influence, signing with Motown, adding Ernie and Marvin to the recording with Malcolm Cecil & Robert Margouleff (Mi Casa Studios). An amazing story of how Ernie's legendary guitar solo actually came to be. No ProTools here buddy.

“The mixes,” Margouleff adds, “were four hands on the console: Run the tape, if we made a mistake, leave the 2-track running, back up the multitrack and start it up again to right where we were before we made the mistake, then keep going, then go back and edit the 2-track.”

Be sure to check out other Classic Tracks from Mix Magazine. This was originally published on Nov. 1, 2003 by Blair Jackson.

By the time the Isley Brothers scored their 2 million-selling smash hit “That Lady” in the summer of 1973, they'd already been in the music business for nearly two decades. The first incarnation of this family band sprouted as a gospel group in their native Cincinnati in the mid-'50s, but in 1957, the singing brothers Ronnie, Rudy and O'Kelly (later just Kelly) Isley relocated to New York to be a part of the burgeoning East Coast doo-wop and R&B scene. They were signed to their first recording contract in 1959, and their maiden efforts for the label, including the moderate hit “Shout,” were produced by then-newcomers Hugo & Luigi, who would become a veritable hit-making machine during the next several years. Though not exactly a smash, “Shout” and revenues from the group's exhausting touring regimen allowed the brothers to move the entire Isley clan to Teaneck in northern New Jersey.

"That Lady" (Ronald Isley, Rudolph Isley, O'Kelly Isley, Ernie Isley, Marvin Isley, Chris Jasper) 3+3 (T Neck 1973)

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