#NowPlaying: Kea Michaels - "I Love You"

Kea Michaels

#Growns, we could not think of a better way to start this week than with this song, the sentiment, this artist. Kea Michaels is a welcome return to the root, the essence of what the Grown Side of the music game embodies: style, elegance, grace and most importantly respect and care for the music.

Please take the time out to view and share this song and visual that I'm sure having lived a few years you will be able to relate. More than ever these three words are necessary to hear, to know and to act upon. Just like we're not going to miss the opportunity to share and spread Kea's message of love (through her cautionary tale of not taking what's in front of us for granted) we want you to take a little time out of your busy day and life to do the same.


#ICYMI: Ian Gordon "1215"

"1215" the new offering from Pittsburgh based trumpeter Ian Gordon resides somewhere near the cross streets of Jazz and Electronic music. Inventive, forward thinking and at times humorous, Ian Gordon's playing and concept embodies the spirit of those innovators who constantly challenge music's status quo to ultimately move the music forward.

This track is aptly described as "A vibrant dinner party where the conversationalists are made of brass... literally. No subject is off limits for the assembled guests and the banter is often as passionate as it is humorous." Make sure you find your space on the wall to see how it all goes down!