Esnavi Changes & Rearranges Single

#NewMusic: Esnavi -"Changes & Rearranges"


#Growns it's always a good day when we can put you up on some great music. Today the great is coming from Esnavi in the form of her latest single "Changes & Rearranges" from her forthcoming album Detour slated for release this upcoming Fall.

"Changes & Rearranges" finds Esnavi getting down to the roots of Soul with a sound reminiscent of the nascent 1960's when much of what we know as Soul was gettin' it's thing together(to coin a phrase from the era). So you know what to do... press play, get into it and share the sound with your closest thousand or so friends.

To purchase a copy of "Changes & Rearranges" head here.



GFM Artist Interview - Esnavi

GFM recently had the pleasure to chat with Esnavi who is preparing for the release of her album Exit E which is due out in October and to lead the project Esnavi dropped the single "Unexpected Love" yesterday on iTunes and other Digital Music Outlets. It was a welcome surprise in prepping for this interview that I heard "Unexpected Love" on Sirius/XM so the word is definitely getting out around and about Esnavi.Read more

Esnavi Radio Tour

If you spend a considerable amount of time (like I do) perusing various social networks there is a oft repeated meme when it comes to music, the ubiquitous: "I'm on the/my grind" What I love about this video from Esnavi is that she's not talking about being on the grind from her couch, no she's out in the world doing it!

Esnavi represents what I've often encouraged others to do in my writing here at GFM: Go beyond the screen and make what you do in the world of reality as important as what you do in the virtual. These worlds now are not mutually exclusive, so it is refreshing when you can see an artist on the rise embracing a sense of balance in her business. But hey, don't take my word for it, press play and enjoy :)