Best of '11: The Second British Musical Invasion

Spurred on by a number of British New Wave acts like The Police, Elvis Costello, The Pretenders, Squeeze, and Gary Numan in the late 1970's, the Second British Musical Invasion was solidified a few years later when our Artist of the Month Duran Duran ruled the video and airwaves. In 1983, Duran Duran along with groups like Eurythmics, Culture Club, A Flock of Seagulls and on and on were able to capture a 30% share of record sales. No small feat and the influence that this phenomenon had on music was not only felt during the height on the "invasion" during the mid-80's but throughout the decade and beyond.

Many have written about the influence that this musical "invasion" had on Pop music but I've often thought about the influence that it had on other genres, R&B and Hip Hop in general. It was and continues to be an interesting phenomenon in the sense that you have a number of these acts from the UK citing Soul, R&B and Funk as primary musical influences and in turn their musical output influencing the contemporary equivalent of those genres during this era and beyond.

Let's examine a more complete(not necessarily exhaustive) list of groups with significant presence during this time period.

Adam and the Ants
After The Fire
The Alarm

Belouis Some
Bow Wow Wow
Big Country

Culture Club
The Cure

Dead or Alive
Def Leppard
Depeche Mode
Dexys Midnight Runners
Thomas Dolby
Duran Duran
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GFM's "F!ck Cupid!!" Valentine's Mixtape!!!

Yeah, we know it's "Valentine's Day" but who said we gotta pay Cupid some damn tribute!!!! If you're one of those lovesick puppies and hopeless romantics looking for your fix on V-Day, we got your fix but it sure as hell ain't what you think!!! On this day of love, we wanted to send Cupid a special mixtape! A list of songs that really express our deep passion in the subject of amour. So if love has kicked you in the ass, made a complete fool of you, had you crying like Lenny Williams and broadcasted your shame all over Facebook and Twitter, then welcome my friends to our official "F!ck, Cupid,!!" mixtape!! A Valentine's mix that is sure to have you burning down someone's car and lighting a cigarette afterward!!!

And Cupid, in case you missed our sentiments, let us say it again.........."F**K YOU!!!" (in my Cee-Lo voice)Read more

GFM’s Valentine’s Unanswered Questions Countdown – #4 – #2 Almost There…


Now you shouldn't have to wonder about this question with your true Valentine.


See above.


Now did you really think we could have this countdown without this cut?


DJ Phaze Presents: I Love the 80's (Soul/R&B) Mixtape

Don't date yourself, but it's likely this was the soundtrack for your high school, middle school or even college years. Either way, the 80's were a fun loving, horrible fashion, good time having era. If you enjoyed his 80's MTV flashback mix, add this to your collection for a dash of 80's soul. Big ups to DJ Phaze for blessing us with another great mix. Hit the break for the playlist and enjoy!

GFM I Love the 80's Soul & RnB by GrownFolksMusic

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