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Thank you for your interest in submitting music to GFM.  All genres are accepted.  After reviewing our site and social media posts, if you feel your music is a good fit, please follow the guidelines below:


  • Send music to this address:
  • Use services whenever possible.  Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Dropbox etc. are preferred
  • EPK’s with download links are acceptable
  • Share your story.  Make it personal, unique and interesting.
  • Include hi-res photos and valid links to your website and social media profile(s)


  • Submit mp3’s attached via email or other unnecessary attachments.
  • Send links from suspect file sharing services (you know the ones)
  • Include us on your email blasts or automated mass submissions
  • Submit music via our social media platforms
  • Submit music which you do not own or have legal rights
  • Assume that excessive cursing and repeated explicit descriptions of sexual activity that you can only dream about constitutes ‘Grown Folks Music’.  It does not.

Unfortunately, receipt of submissions will not be acknowledged due to the large volume of submissions received every week.

If you prefer snail mail, you can send your submission here.